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Related article: Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 22:25:27 -0700 (PDT) From: Nan Valenzuela Subject: Aeternus AmorDisclaimer: This story is purely fictional and should not be taken as Lolita Forum real in any way. This story has sex between males maybe not in the first chapters but it will. So if you can't read this in your state be well advised that you can not read this. So until you can do not read. Also if this disgusts you why are did you click on this anyway?This story revolves around fantasy creatures. Werewolves and other such types of creatures. So if you don't like don't read.Aeternus Amor So remember me?"So like have you heard of the new recent sightings?" Amber, my best friend, asked as she started eating her chips. She took out a newspaper from her binder and placed it on the table."No what about them?" Ruby pushed back her glasses and took a sip of milk."Well supposedly they say that it was a giant wolf again this time it was red instead of black," Amber reach over and took my ketchup. She ignored my pout and continued. "They say that it was eating this deer or something. Though if you look at the photograph closer, it could have been a person.""If it was a person than why haven't they called in the forest rangers?" Tom took my cookie and started looking at the photograph. He ignored my glare.I gave a sigh looked out the window. Damn, it was going to rain again. I loved the rain, just not for the fact that people in cars sprayed me. I blew my blond hair out of my face. Long in the front and short in the back, with a few strikes of platinum blond here and there.Amber took a few of my fries and finished off my ketchup. They took my food and wondered why I never really gained weight and looked anorexic. 5'8 and weighing in around 130, last I checked anyway. It was close to the low range in weight for my height.I bit my burger and groaned, these things where pretty tasteless. It would have tasted better with ketchup but someone took mine. I glared at Amber."They weren't able to identify it yet but what can you expect? That thing is huge! Hopefully they can go back and get something..." Amber looked at me and frowned. "Is that all you are going to eat? A burger?"I groaned. "I wasn't but someone took my cookie and fries..." I took another bite."Tom! Can you stop taking his food! Shesh..." Amber handed me her cookie and smacked her boyfriend in the head. Lolita Forum I didn't tell her that she stole my fries, I wanted the cookie."What? He wasn't eating it..." He rubbed his head and started eating his pizza. After so many years of eating pizza I didn't like it so much."So you aren't eating your ice cream can I?" Ruby reached over for the ice cream but Tom took it out of reach. "Be nice... Here you go Tracy!" She gave me her apple and I smiled at her. Sure occasionally they took my food but sometimes they gave me more."So about the wolf...." Amber started talking about the wolf again. Even when lunch was over and we where in class. Tom and Ruby had a different class from us fifth period. Which was guess what? PE. After changing I met up with her at the top of the bleachers. Since it was a rainy day class was inside. Luckily for me, Amber and I had the same teacher, it was a unisex class."Look at the eye candy over there! Them being so close to each other makes it so much better..." She was right about the eye candy part. "Are you sure you don't want to talk to him?" She pleaded."I'm sure since I wasn't the one who broke the friendship..." I looked over at Ash. Mister 6'3, long spiky black hair with two white streaks on the side, kinda lanky frame but he did have muscles, and little palish. The reason I know about his muscles was the fact I saw him change out of his shirt once. The only way I can say is... woof."True but still...." She looked at them hungrily. I knew for the fact she had a crush on Ash and his friends. It was a simple crush and I knew that she loved Tom."You should wipe the drool there Amber..." I pointed at her mouth and she wiped imaginary drool."Liar..." She glared and looked back at Ash. Ash had two friends he mostly hanged out with. They usually hanged out with other people but they were usually three. Sam the redhead and Isaac with black hair. They were all tall and lanky."Still makes me wonder why he didn't want to be your friend anymore..." I wondered the same thing for six years. One day he told me that he was sick of me and didn't want to be my friend anymore. It broke my heart, he was my first friend. Now he is nothing but a memory."Heartly?" Mrs. Dickson called out."Here!" I rose my hand. Amber already checked in for role."Do you guys wanna play volleyball with us?" A girl from are class turned around and asked us. It was either volleyball, basketball, or sit down and do nothing.We both nodded.I wish I hadn't though. My hand eye coordination was a wild thing, making me good and making me bad. This was one of those days where I was good and bad. The ball hit me in the head at least five times."Tracy watch out!" I looked up and cursed, damn Richie for lifting up his shirt. I barely lifted my hand before the ball smacked me on my head.My head gave a little spin. "Oww...." I held my head and rubbed it. "I'm okay! I'm okay!""Maybe you should go take a break?" Amber checked my head."Yeah..." I said quietly. It was best to quit while you are ahead anyway right? Best not to try for a concussion. Again.I passed Ash and his friends, they made me feel like a dwarf."Little dude you should really get some game..." I stopped and looked at Sam. Ash and Isaac where looking at him weirdly. "That's like the sixth time you got hit today." He chuckled."It's my coordination gets out of whack sometimes..." I smiled and rubbed my head. "Or I just lose focus." Like when a guy lifts up his shirt."Been there done that. You should see the nurse though..." He got in close and I thought I Lolita Forum heard him sniff."It's..." I was about to say fine but there was a little blood on my hands. "Yeah..."I turned around and looked for Mrs. Dickson. I walked over to her and poked her shoulder, she was Lolita Forum talking to another gym teacher.She turned around and lifted a little eyebrow. "You need something Tracy?""Can I go to the nurse?" I held my head, I didn't know specifically where the blood was coming from but still."Why?" I showed her my hand. "How did it happen?""Ball hit me..." I bit my lip. This was not the first time I came to her with something wrong with me. A cut, blood, bruise, or something of that nature.She nodded her understanding. "Now let me find some one to take you..." She saw the confusion on my face. "Don't want you passing out or anything." She smiled."I'll take him!" A voice from behind made me jump. I turned around and lifted an eyebrow. Sam."Are you sure?" He nodded enthusiasticlly. "Okay.." She scribbled something on her clipboard and handed it to me. "Stay there until she tell you to leave okay?" She smiled again.I took it and was surprised to feel Sam's arm around my shoulder. "I take it you go to the nurse a lot?"I chuckled. "At least once a week.""Sucks... By the way names Sam." He patted my shoulder.Like I didn't know his name. Amber and Ruby were practically in a fan club about Ash and his friends, not to mention a few other people. "Tracey." I looked up and smiled. What else could I do? He was hot and most girls had wished they had his arm around them."So what eye condition do you have?" He pushed the door open and looked down at me."Heterochromia." The condition in my eyes which left me with a blue eye and a brown eye."Oh..." He thought for a second. "So are you cold or anything?" I shook my head. "Thirsty or hungry?" He leaned over and sniffed again.I blushed when a few people on the hallway openly stared. They didn't try to hide there gazes. When we got to the nurses office, Ms. Candy smiled when I entered. She was a young blonde woman."So what is it this time?" I handed her the note, she didn't bat an eye as Sam had his arm over me. I wondered why he still had his hand over me. "Sit on the bed now sweety." Sam pushed me on the bed and sat down with me. Weirder. She still didn't bat an eye. "Good now hold still." I took my hand from my head and waited.Sam was still sniffing and Ms. Candy was checking my head. "How is it?" I asked."Pretty good just a little cut is all." She smiled and took out a bandage. "Need anything?" I shook my head. "You can leave now Sam."Sam gave a whine, "Can't I stay and make sure he is fine?" I raised my eyebrow and looked at him.Ms. Candy gave a little sigh. "If anyone asks you have a little fever." She smile again and went to her desk. She gave me wink and started working on her computer."Why do you wanna stay?" I looked up at him."Do I smell?" He sniffed himself, on the contrary he smelled good. "Or you just don't like my presence?" He gave me a little smile and tightened his arm around me.I blushed. My head was touching his shoulder. "It's not that. Just that I don't really know you or you me.""That's what you think." He whispered."What?""Nothing." He rubbed my arm and put his head on top of mine. Weirder and weirder. Was he you know gay like me? The thought never occurred to me until now. He just seemed straight.We stayed quiet for a while. He just sniffed with his arm around me and I just leaned again him."Are you sure you should be near him?" I heard Ms. Candy's voice."Why shouldn't I be?" I felt Sam's hand on my face."You know the reason. If he found out that you-""He knows already. It was his idea to get away from him not mine or his either." His? There where two other people who didn't want Sam near me or just one? And the other person was told not to get near me?"But for his safety!" She let out a little groan."His safety how? That was before and this is now? We know how to keep ourselves hidden compared to then. Also it was a different time.""Different time but the same fear and hatred. How are photographs of you in the paper considered hidden?" Sam was in the papers? That was weird. How did Amber neglect not to tell us? "Not to mention Isaac too?" Wait. Isaac also?I heard Sam give a little chuckle. "Well you see... we were out having a little fun and got outta hand."She groaned again. "And yet here you are with him! What happens if you have a little fun and it gets outta hand?" There was silence. "Well?"How could be with me could get outta hand? I felt myself blush, thankfully Sam was petting my hair now. I opened my eye a little and noticed that I was on his shirt. Leg under my arm. Shit I was on his stomach in the middle of his legs. That meant Lolita Forum that I was on top of his..."With him I won't and neither would they..." There was a hint of sadness. "We lost him once and he doesn't want to risk that again. Though its different now in so many ways. I miss him...""I know. I would too if he wasn't coming here a lot." She chuckled. So they are talking about me. I think. I wasn't so sure."That's why we are jealous. You have some time, we don't but I don't want to anymore. I need it.""You know you don't but he-""I know..." He paused. "But how can I? He was a lot to me.""Not just you.""I know..." He petted my face.I heard footsteps and a chair being moved. "You owe me for letting you slide sixth period." She said sternly."I know." I felt something on my hair.I soon felt tired all of a sudden. Damn. Head.I moved a little to get away from the poking on my side."Tracey wake up..."I felt another poke and gave a little groan. "Five more minutes...."I heard a chuckle. "I fell for that twice already now wake up." Sam poked me harder this time.My eyes shot open. I noticed I was still on top Lolita Forum of Sam and that he had smirk on his face. I blushed."Finally, I thought I was going to have to kiss you to wake you up." He chuckled when the blush on my face reddened.I lifted myself from him. Somewhere he had changed from his gym clothes to his normal clothes. I rubbed my eyes. Maybe this was all a dream. Something from the blunt force of the ball. Yeah that was it. I did not just sleep on Sam. Yup just a dream. Opened my eyes and he was still there, smiling at me."You might want to get out of your clothes," My eyes widened and my blush got darker, his smile got larger. "Not that little dude but you might wanna change into your regular clothes." He pointed behind me and I fallowed. Yup clothes on the table.I got up, still blushing, got my clothes and rushed into the bathroom. I swear I heard him laughing when I shut the door. Changing slowly I opened the door and hopped he would be gone. However my hope was shattered when I saw him talking to Ms. Candy.When I shut the door both looked at me and smiled. "Sit down let me look at that cut." I sat down and waited for her scrutiny to be over. I looked over to the clock and cursed. Sixth periods was over thirty minutes ago and now I had no ride home."How's the damage?" Sam sat down next to me and looked at my head."Good its not bleeding anymore just a scab," She put another band aid and threw the old on in the trash. "You can Lolita Forum go home now Tracey." She smile and crossed my name off the list.I jumped off the bed and Sam handed me my back pack. So he must have gotten my things when he got his stuff. "Thank you Ms. Candy," I looked at Sam and smiled. "You too Sam."He rubbed the back of his neck. "No problem."I smiled again and headed out the door.I thought I heard a, "Sam don't.""Tracey were you heading off?" Sam caught up to me and put his arm over me again.I looked at him weirdly before I shook my head. "Were else? Home." But I missed the school bus and Tom was probably at work by now. So that meant school bus. Eww.He frowned. "Care to go out to eat with me then? Ash and Isaac are waiting for me anyway. Though with you there I doubt they will get mad at me."The conversation I heard slowly slipped in. Someone didn't want Sam near me. Though could it be Isaac or was Isaac not allowed to see me either? "I don't think that's a good idea...." Didn't want to get Isaac angry."Why not? They like you!" Sam looked at my face and something struck him, "I mean why wouldn't they not like you.""Ash and I aren't friends..." I crushed my sadness. If he didn't want to be my friend than fine, I wasn't going to be his friend either."So?" He opened the door for me. "Don't talk to him just me.""How about if he gets angry?" I remember the few times he got angry and it wasn't pretty."So let him be the big bad wolf. I'll protect you..." There was something in his eyes and I couldn't tell what it was. Went that fast. "I promise.""How can you promise that? You don't really know me and I don't know you either. Why should I get in a car with you?" I took his arm off me and stared him in the face. Better to be upfront than to go somewhere dangerous. Not that he was but you never could tell in this world."I can promise that because for you, I would promise anything. I know you more than you think and you should go with me because you are curious," He gave me another smile and another thing flashed in his eyes. "I don't bite," He smiled and I saw pointy teeth sticking out. "At least not you.""But...""I promise just eat something with me and I'll take you home. Okay? Please just get to know me a bit more and you wont regret it." His eyes got a little bit and his face was pleading.Something inside me told me to trust him. What's the harm? I nodded. "Just to eat and to my house right?"He nodded and put his arm around me leading me to his car. It wasn't going to be bad right? We talked about a few things about school and things we liked. We had a few things in common aside from the fact that he liked bloody movies. I just get queasy on the thought of seeing one. He liked hunting, nature, dogs, and anything funny.When we stopped at a nearby restaurant he turned the car off and looked at me seriously. Weird since he seemed the type not to be serious. Though from afar sometimes he did look serious now that I thought about it. "Can you be behind me when we go to the table?""Why?""Surprise them." A smile graced his face.I rose an eyebrow but nodded none the less."Great."He got out and opened my door even before I could even take off my belt. He lead us inside the restaurant, making sure that I was fully hidden behind him, and walked into the back."Shesh how long where you going to keep us waiting? We are starving." I heard a male voice."Exactly. You do know that we could have eaten without you so you should at least say sorry." My body tingled at hearing his voice. Still strong and deep. "You are right Ash it's just that I had to take care of something..." He rubbed the back of his head. "Sorry.""What's so important that you had to make us wait? Usually you are the one who wants to hurry up," The other voice, who must have been Isaac, spoke. "Probably something stupid again."Even though he didn't know it was me yet I took insult. "Hey I am not stupid!" I moved around Sam and glared at Isaac.Isaac looked at me, eyes wide and opened mouthed. "Tracey..." I barely heard him whisper. Something flashed in his eyes too. Wasn't able to name it either. Sam started chuckling."What the fuck is he doing here!" Ash growled out and made me want to shrink. It was full of rage and anger. What had I done to make him so angry with me?Like he sensed my fear, Sam put his arms over my shoulders and pushed me close to him. "Because unlike you I want him. So he is going to eat with us whether you like it or not. Isaac do you have a problem with it?" Isaac shook his head. "Two against one so he stays.""You promised..." Ash glared at Sam and it sent shivers down my spine. Lolita Forum Sam hugged me tighter, he must have sensed that I wanted to run."I did not.. I just said I would for awhile. It's been long enough. I don't know how you can do it but I wont. Neither will Isaac right?"I looked at Isaac and raised an eyebrow. He was looking at me. He looked handsome but something about him had a scary vibe. Or at least told me if I messed with him he would kick my ass."No. I didn't promise either.""Traitors." Ash smacked his hands on the table and crossed his arms, looking to the side.Promise what? I wanted to ask but I new the time wasn't right. If any. I felt so lost, I didn't know what to say."We aren't and you know it." Sam pushed me a little bit and I slide in the table. I noticed two things. Isaac got close enough for me to smell him and second so did Sam. So, I felt like a piece of meat in a sandwich.It was rather awkward with being so close to two guys. Not to mention the fact that they were older by me by one year. Also add to the fact that one person in our table was silent and glaring at the guys. I did notice that he did not me though. Weird. I really wanted to know why he was so angry with me."So what can I get for you gentlemen?" A girl from our school walked up and took out a notepad. I noticed her surprise look when her eyes landed on me."Steak. Rare. Water." Ash looked at her, she backed up a little at the face he had almost murderous, then looked way."O-o-kay..." She stuttered while she wrote it down. I won't be surprised if she wrote help me. Since that was what I wanted to order. "What else..." She bit her lip. Yup she wanted someone to help her leave and that was us."Tracey what do you want?" Isaac turned to look at me."Chicken salad please. With a pink lemonade." I gave her a little smile and she smiled back. At least she knew I didn't want to kill her or mane her. Well with the look Ash was having her sure wanted to kill something. The main person I thought of was me."We both want the same thing as that bastard over there except I want a Coke." Sam put his arm over my shoulder again. This time though, unlike Ms. Candy, the girl was surprised by the action. More so when Isaac put his arm around my waist. I bet you that my face was more surprised than hers."Mine coffee..." She wrote it down quickly and hurried out of the area. I bit my lip, this was strangely awkward with two guys having their arms around me. Not to mention the fact that I barely even talked to Isaac at all.Sam started talking to Isaac and me about random things. Things that I didn't even understand so I just nodded. Something about a race car event and how they so totally kick ass.Isaac on the other hand was silent and keep on getting closer to me. Which creeped me out a little bit, why where him and Sam acting this was around me now? He asked me a few question here and there. Not compared to Sam anyway. Isaac was the opposite of Sam though, he was silent, serious, and like things that were dark and mysterious. He even glared a few times at Sam for trying to get me near him and away from Isaac.Even when the food got here they still had their arms around me. It felt weird but at the same time it felt normal. I didn't even know how the fuck this was suppose to be normal."So like then this car spun-" Sam stopped when my cellphone started ringing."Oh sorry..." I gave a smile, text message from Amber.Amber: OMGTracery: Wat?Amber: You r a bitch!Tracey: How so?Amber: Having lunch with Ash, Sam, and Isaac!Tracey: I'm wondering how this happened...Amber: Me to! How can you be with ash? I though he didn't like you?I looked up at Ash and immediately looked down. He was staring at me. Tracey: Remember Sam took me to the nurses office?Amber: I would have gone with you.... :(Tracey: I know but he noticed something was wrong anyway he invited meAmber: You lucky dog... Why do they have their hands on you anyway?I looked around and didn't find Amber. Tracey: How the hell do you know that?Amber: My friend works there... ttyl I want juicy details...Tracey: >Lolita Forum
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